Gesprekken met mormoonse vrouwen in Vlaanderen

Omgaan met structurele ambivalentie


  • Ellen Decoo Salt Lake Community College/Westminster College
  • Chia Longman Universiteit Gent



Latter-day Saints (Mormons) living outside the ‘Mormon Culture Region’ in the Western United States usually form small minorities. As Mormonism upholds conservative gender norms, we investigated how a sample of thirteen Mormon women living in Flanders (Northern part of Belgium) experienced their relation with the Flemish secular-liberal environment. The research used the framework of structural ambivalence to assess how these women cope with conflicting norms on marriage age, male-only priesthood and familial dilemmas. Results show how respondents use arguments and strategies to handle or to avert ambivalence.

Biografieën auteurs

Ellen Decoo, Salt Lake Community College/Westminster College

Ellen Decoo is sociologe en doceert aan het Salt Lake Community College en aan het Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Zij behaalde een doctoraat over ‘Mormon gender roles’ aan de Universiteit Gent.

Chia Longman, Universiteit Gent

Chia Longman is professor in gender studies en directeur van het Centre for Research on Culture and Gender aan de Universiteit Gent.





Decoo, E., & Longman, C. (2021). Gesprekken met mormoonse vrouwen in Vlaanderen: Omgaan met structurele ambivalentie. Religie &Amp; Samenleving, 16(3), 226–249.



Received 2022-01-12
Published 2021-10-01