Zinervaring in gesprek


  • Wim Smeets Radboudumc




In interfaith spiritual care, the emphasis is too much on the ideological contents (their generic correspondences or their special individuality), whether or not linked to an official mandate of the spiritual counselor. Worldview contents can indeed have a function in guiding clients, by offering a perspective on the current experience and to symbolize it. In this way they are instrumental to what it is really about: stimulating the experience of meaning in and from the conversation. The focus on this experience can be grounded and stimulated by the existential approach. Imagination and sensitivity to physical perception thus form an important contribution to the meaning-giving process, in addition to the authentic testimony of one’s own spiritual inspiration. Interreligious spiritual care should be part of intercultural spiritual care, of which an analysis of the language is an important component.

Biografie auteur

Wim Smeets, Radboudumc

Wim Smeets is geestelijk verzorger, leersupervisor en UHD Innovatie in Spirituele Zorg in het Radboudumc.





Smeets, W. (2020). Zinervaring in gesprek. Religie &Amp; Samenleving, 15(3), 257–286. https://doi.org/10.54195/RS.11501
Received 2022-01-19
Published 2020-12-01