Spiritual care als toekomst van de geestelijke verzorging


  • Carlo Leget Universiteit voor Humanistiek




Since some time chaplaincy as a discipline is in a crisis of both legitimization and communication. In this contribution, which is limited to the health care sector, a possible way out of this double crisis is sketched by joining an international field of studies which is known as spiritual care. Here a central idea is that attention to meaning and spirituality is the task of every care giver. According to this interdisciplinary approach the chaplain has a special role. On the basis of the first Dutch guideline spiritual care, written for physicians and nurses, a plea is made for a further development of chaplaincy as a discipline by embedding it into the spiritual care approach.

Biografie auteur

  • Carlo Leget, Universiteit voor Humanistiek

    Carlo Leget is als hoogleraar Zorgethiek en bijzonder hoogleraar Palliatieve Zorg verbonden aan de Universiteit voor Humanistiek te Utrecht.





Spiritual care als toekomst van de geestelijke verzorging. (2017). Religie & Samenleving, 12(2/3), 96-106. https://doi.org/10.54195/RS.12112