Het buitenkerkelijke succes van de christelijke zielzorg


  • Kees de Groot Tilburg School of Catholic Theology




This article considers contemporary spiritual care in the Netherlands as the result of a development that started off with ecclesial initiatives. Through ecumenical cooperation, establishing a common professional organization, and initiating specialized training trajectories, priests, pastoral workers, ministers, rabbis, and humanistic counsellors have contributed to the development of a separate profession: spiritual care. Often these ‘new style’ chaplains work outside their own denomination. What started as an ecclesial service to patients, soldiers, and inmates has evolved into a new, precarious profession, sometimes only loosely connected with organized religion. Rather than an instance, however, of secularization or of a spiritual revolution, this persistence of the care of souls is regarded as a successful dissemination of the ecclesial tradition in the secular domain against the background of liquid modernity.

Biografie auteur

Kees de Groot, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

Kees de Groot is socioloog en theoloog, universitair docent aan Tilburg School of Catholic Theology en redacteur van Religie & Samenleving.





de Groot, K. (2017). Het buitenkerkelijke succes van de christelijke zielzorg. Religie &Amp; Samenleving, 12(2/3), 143–159. https://doi.org/10.54195/RS.12115
Received 2022-05-19
Published 2017-10-01