Gesluierde secularisatie onder hedendaagse Nederlandse Moslims


  • Mohamed Ajouaou Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



For a long time secularisation was seen as a natural process that Dutch and other Western Muslims would inevitably undergo. This was a desire that had been cherished for a long time, politically and socially – it would signal the integration and emancipation of Muslims. In recent years, people seem to have become increasingly convinced that this expected secularisation among Muslims has not taken place, giving way instead to more orthodoxy and fundamentalism. This article argues that secularisation can be found among Muslims, both in the Netherlands and in other Western countries. The complex and confusing picture of secularisation in Islam is the result of a lack of methodology and a conceptual apparatus geared to the Islamic context.

Biografie auteur

Mohamed Ajouaou, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mohamed Ajouaou is als universitair docent Islam verbonden aan de faculteit der godgeleerdheid (islamitische theologie) van de Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam.





Ajouaou, M. (2015). Gesluierde secularisatie onder hedendaagse Nederlandse Moslims. Religie &Amp; Samenleving, 10(2), 177–191.
Received 2022-06-08
Published 2015-09-01